Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thanks to everyone who reached out to me after reading my post about my post-Ironman blues. I am happy to report that I am steadily getting better.

Earlier this week, I went ahead and booked the trip to Disney. I find it kind of interesting that it was like a switch was flipped in me, and I instantaneously felt like myself again. I felt  happy and I had something to plan. Funny how that works.

To prepare for the Goofy Challenge, I was supposed to walk 11-12 miles today and run 26 tomorrow. I decided that since I am an ironman, I don't need to do the walk. (ou know, because I am so tough...hmmmm.)

Three weeks ago when I walked 8 miles the day before the long run and it left me achy. Strange. My butt and back hurt. Although I usually don't do 8 miles straight, I walk miles at a time pretty often so I don't know why. So yeah, I'm skipping it and I don't feel bad about it.

Of course, Snowpocalypse is interfereing with the planned 26-miler today. A couple of years ago I ran 20 in the snow and ice and while I got it done, I think it was foolish. Yaktrax worked great, but I just don't need to do that again. I'm thinking that I will take a morning off from work this week to make it up. I am definitely not going to do any more than an hour or so on the dreadmill. [Headed there soon, I promise.]

I hope you all are enjoying the snow.


  1. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog. I am humbled and impressed by your Ironman efforts! I really have no concept of what kind of mental, physical & emotional strength & endurance it takes to train for such an event. Hats off to anyone who makes the commitment to train.
    We are the makers of Stabilicers ice cleats - we make a few styles of ice cleats designed for a wide range of uses. Our Sports style is specifically designed for runners - light weight, durable and the cleats are replaceable plus they are made right here in Maine. As an athlete I am curious to get your perspective on winter training/running using an ice cleat, i.e. how the ice cleats (in your case, YakTrax) worked or didn't work for you? Were they helpful or a hinderance to your efforts, gait, time, etc? For example, we have gotten some feedback from runners that some cleats collect snow in the coils which does hinder their performance and throws off their gait. We welcome your feedback - we are always seeking constructive feedback which helps us to continually improve on our product.
    Have a happy holiday and stay safe out there in the wintery conditions!
    Heather @

  2. WOW!! I am glad that you found a diversion to break you through your post Ironman blues, Disney sounds great to me! Congratulations, that is such an awesome accomplishment. I hope to someday have the blues because that will mean that I finished an Ironman! Good luck with your long run :-)