Friday, November 13, 2009

Race Day Pictures

Everyone took such great pictures on race day. I've narrowed it down here but look on facebook for the full collection this weekend.

Cool sign! It made it seem so real.

This is the shower we ran under to get to transition.
I still had sand all over me the entire day

Cool, calm and collected (right!)

I added a few extras

Tent setup at sunrise

Transition bags

I think Dr. Keith planned his outfit to match my wetsuit

One by one the BOPer girls arrived. How could I not smile and feel loved?

Glass, my a$$


Do I not look thrilled to be out of the water? I think this is the second best post-swim pic ever
(the first is Sheriece's picture from NJ)

Out for a leisurely little 112 mile ride (with a time limit)

No, Nicolas, I didn't stop to lead a cheer. I was getting my race halos.
I will not point out the nice leg muscle action in the second shot.

I was sprinting so fast at the end the camera couldn't catch me

The BEST part: my cheering family!!!!

The BOPers (Janet, Jacquie, Sally, Tracey and Priscilla)

Team Z out in force

BOPers and Jackie (who is way to fast to be a BOPer but we love her anyhow)

The Clown Car

The Best IronSherpa

Melody and Mary

One horn was not enough for Jenn

The wonderful madness that was the Team Z finish line tent

The calmness that was the remote cheering station on the run course

Looking okay for almost 16 hours of racing (and cheering)

Spectator's Report

I mentioned my friend Becky in my race report. She posted her spectator report on the DC Tri board and I like it so much (see how complimentary she is of me?) I asked if I could post it here. She agreed so here it is:

As many of you know, I spent the last few days in Panama City Beach with DC Tri Club friends(Tuan, Doug, Mark, Adriana, and Cat) racing Ironman Florida. I came to volunteer with the intention of getting in line to get a spot for next year's race. The event was unbelievable. The number of people racing, working, cheering was outstanding. The great attitudes and sportsmanship exhibited by the racers was commendable. It's been awesome and inspirational to say the least.

Watching the swim start was incredible and overwhelming. Almost 3,000 people jumping into the ocean at the same time was nuts. Friday the water was smooth as glass. The racers did not have that good fortune on race day. There were white caps and a pretty good chop. After swimming 2.4 miles, not an easy task even if in a pool, the racers had to hop on their bikes for 112 miles. Wow. The course is flat - but it's known for the headwind, so it's by no stretch easy... besides, a flat course means you're pedaling nonstop. I've been told  the winds were pretty bad until about mile 80 and that the pavement wasn't particularly smooth.

After watching the swim I had some down time when I ate and walked around the expo... after a short nap I positioned myself to watch folks come out of transition and start the run. I'm happy to say I saw all of my friends finish the bike - even one I didn't know was riding (Doug missed the swim cutoff of 2 hours 20 minutes by maybe 2 minutes. It was heart breaking to watch... but a kind volunteer walked him to transition and convinced an official to let him ride - he didn't have a chip... he's so glad to have gotten the opportunity and the practice). I stayed in my spot until my last friend made it off the bike. She had 7 or 8 minutes to spare before the bike cutoff time (5:15pm). I was definitely nervous for her. But she was all smiles, elated to have made the cut off and gave me a huge hug before she went into the tent to change and thanked me for being there, waiting. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

At that point I went to grab dinner with Doug. We had a few hours of downtime before the runners would be done with their marathons. I still have trouble fathoming running a full marathon after being on my feet for 8 or 9 hours already. Insane. Sadly we missed Mark and Adriana's big finish, but we got back in time to see Cat finish her first lap and Tuan finish... despite fracturing his clavicle in 3 places 7 weeks ago he not only finished the event, but he finished with the time I hope for next year in perfect health, about 13:15! Unbelievable. The last of my DC Tri friends in was Cat - who also had an awesome day. Every time I saw her she had a huge smile on her face. She is really what this is all about, taking it all in, happy to be participating, and doing a great job. Inspirational in and of herself. A powerhouse of a lady!

It's amazing how tired I was just standing and cheering (granted I was body marking athletes before the start). But I enjoyed it all so much and learned a lot about what this race is all about.

Despite the awe I feel for what I witnessed, I was so impressed... people of every shape, size, and age participated in and completed the race. With, I think, the appropriate level of excitement and respect, I am happy to report that I got up and got in line to race next year. I did what I set out to do... and hope to become and Ironman next year.

Please join me in congratulating Tuan, Mark, Doug, Cat, and Adriana... and all the athletes. It is simply amazing to line up at the start... AMAZING!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pre-race day pictures

Pam and I getting ready for our pre-race brick

Anna and me

Victoria and Cris get the spirit award

Anna and I are making our plan

Dr. Keith giving me a little pre-race physical and mental therapy
(he told me to have some wine and breathe deep)

Janus had a sign making station and they put your signs out on the run course for you.
I made this sign for my team.

Ready to drop off my transition bags and head to the team dinner

Anna and her family

Becky from DC Tri came down from to volunteer and sign up for next year.
It was great having her support!

Maggie, Robin and Kimberley

The dessert table at our dinner at the Boatyard

There was real food, too.

DC Tri Clubbers (incl. Tuan and his sister, Doug, and Becky)

 Jenn gave me some good racing advice

Paul looks ready despite dislocating his shoulder on our rainy ride the week before.
He still swam about an hour faster than me!

"My" BOPers

Tuan, me and Angela

Group Pictures

Kevin and Angela

Ryan, Hamid and Tuan