Friday, January 29, 2010

Still thinking about Ironman

I think about my Ironman accomplishment in some way or another pretty much every day. The reasons differ depending on the day.

This week, Dan Hicock, professional photographer, head of Tri DC magazine, and friend of Team Z, has been posting the pictures he took at Ironman Florida.

My favorites so far are definitely the swim pictures. Wow, can you tell I am elated to be out of the water? Check these out!

I am also rather partial to this picture:



  1. If he'll let you use them, make a book from mpix:

    Dude made me one for Christmas and it is the best gift I've ever gotten. It's on my desk at work and I look at it during boring teleconferences!

  2. yaay goggle face! Those are awesome pics Cat! You look so happy!!