Friday, November 13, 2009

Race Day Pictures

Everyone took such great pictures on race day. I've narrowed it down here but look on facebook for the full collection this weekend.

Cool sign! It made it seem so real.

This is the shower we ran under to get to transition.
I still had sand all over me the entire day

Cool, calm and collected (right!)

I added a few extras

Tent setup at sunrise

Transition bags

I think Dr. Keith planned his outfit to match my wetsuit

One by one the BOPer girls arrived. How could I not smile and feel loved?

Glass, my a$$


Do I not look thrilled to be out of the water? I think this is the second best post-swim pic ever
(the first is Sheriece's picture from NJ)

Out for a leisurely little 112 mile ride (with a time limit)

No, Nicolas, I didn't stop to lead a cheer. I was getting my race halos.
I will not point out the nice leg muscle action in the second shot.

I was sprinting so fast at the end the camera couldn't catch me

The BEST part: my cheering family!!!!

The BOPers (Janet, Jacquie, Sally, Tracey and Priscilla)

Team Z out in force

BOPers and Jackie (who is way to fast to be a BOPer but we love her anyhow)

The Clown Car

The Best IronSherpa

Melody and Mary

One horn was not enough for Jenn

The wonderful madness that was the Team Z finish line tent

The calmness that was the remote cheering station on the run course

Looking okay for almost 16 hours of racing (and cheering)

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