Thursday, July 30, 2009

Musselman Photos

Mom's camera worked. Yay! Here are a select few photos that tell the story of the day.

Getting ready to race.

Time to put on the wetsuit
Not as easy as it looks

Really, Mom, can stop taking pictures now.


Ta-da! Another yellow swim cap. At least I match.
The swim start

I made it out of the water and am headed for transition.

Made it onto the bike. That's my tush.

And there's my tush again.

I was actually out on the bike course.
Finally time to run. Yes!

When I finished I got one of those. The medal looks like two bike gears. Unique!


  1. sweet! nice to have your own private photographer!

  2. Hi Cat, I am new to the team and gobbling up pretty much any race report. I like what I saw here. Hummm, makes me think that once I can swim, this gig is really going to start! Thanks for a nice little chat with me last weekend.I am the Cat with the locks and the hybrid bike.